Auto detailing is one of the single most important and inexpensive things you can do to maintain your vehicle. Appearance can keep the value of your vehicle where it should be – and that’s important – especially when it comes time to part with it.

Your vehicle’s exterior is exposed to many elements year round. Winter brings sand and salt while summer brings extensive heat. Detailing can protect your vehicle by preparing the outside and inside of your vehicle before and after the seasons so that the effects are lessened.

The Detail Shop uses the finest products on your vehicle, inside & out. Waxes and polishes help return the exterior to a bright shine while moisturizers and cleaners return the interior to new. Various procedures are applied depending on the condition of your vehicle and what you are looking to achieve. Our procedures create a protective barrier to the elements and it also helps keep your vehicle looking great!

Interior and exterior auto detailing
When you’re looking to make your car sparkle for the sale, the date, or just because it’s yours, make sure you bring it over to the Valley’s most trusted auto detailing shop, where our staff will assist you with making your detailing package selection or, customize one for you. Drop by and see us today!


The Detail Shop knows about glass when it comes to your vehicle. Unfortunately, an autoglass installation is usually the result of a less than positive event, be it an accident, flying object or vandalism.

Autoglass replacement is required to be completed by a certified industry professional to ensure proper installation and adhesion to the vehicle. During an accident the force on a vehicle can be so tremendous that a windshield’s stability can be compromised if not correctly installed. When you come to The Detail Shop we make sure it’s done right the first time and get you back on your way as quickly as possible.

glasssThe Detail Shop is an ICBC approved facility allowing you the flexibility of taking care of your glass claim right here with us. Just bring your vehicle down with your registration and we will be able to confirm a claim right from our office.

With Every Windshield Replacement you will receive:

  • fast and friendly service
  • exterior wash and vacuum
  • courtesy car

The next time you need your windshield replaced, call The Detail Shop – your most trusted autoglass shop!